facebook- audio-visual performance

neno belchev and elica mateeva
ВИЗУАЛНА НАМЕСА НА НЕНО БЕЛЧЕВ ВЪРХУ ПИЕСАТА НА ЕЛИЦА МАТЕЕВА "ФЕЙСБУК". РАДИО ВАРНА - КОНЦЕРТНО СТУДИО- CONTEMPO 4 можете да гледате тук : http://vimeo.com/22555102 =-=-=-=- en =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- contempo 4 - radio varna- concert studio audio-visual performance (VJ-ing) FACEBOOK is based on the radio-play FACEBOOK by Elitza Mateeva. It was realized by the Radio-Theatre Programme of the National Radio, "Khristo Botev" channel on 8 August 2010. This is new adaptation for VJ-ing and for Skype. Elica Mateeva - scriptwriter, actor and director of the sound part Svetoslav - actor Neno Belchev - VJ and actor watch here:http://vimeo.com/22555102